Saturday, June 12, 2010

The One with the photographer

actual day photographer's booked!
next up, bridal studio!

you know for someone who does a ton of research and checks out all options before buying any gadgets or even a facial product, i sure am making decisions fast for my big day.

the venue and photographer were booked without much shopping around. i do worry that i could saved a lot more if i had researched for cheaper options and not be so hasty.

gut instinct? sixth sense? affinity? i'm not sure but i do hope i didn't make the wrong decisions
*crosses fingers*

Sunday, June 6, 2010

The One with Weiling's wedding

yesterday was weiling and eric's big day and it was a blast!
we all had such a great time and though it was busy busy busy the whole day we had loads of fun as well

HTB did very well yesterday too, he was supportive and helpful and patient. we had so much running around to do and my 3 inch heels were not helping at all so it was great having a guy around to help. so proud of him!

so much love was felt last night, among the couple, among us best pals. it was so great. and i am going to have so much fun planning my wedding with my 3 bestest gals. it would be all the better becos i'm doing it wiith them. can't wait to start the discussion!


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