Saturday, March 3, 2012

Dream: Wardrobe for our Phuket trip (in my dreams)

We are going on a holiday to Phuket!!
Counting to holidays gives me a tingle and I'm really excited about this one.
It's been more than half a year since our honeymoon and we could really use a break.

We have never been to Phuket before and can't wait to be there on it's beautiful beaches and glorious blue seas. Oh to just lie there and relax!

Researching on Phuket also gave me a couple of inspirations fashion wise. First thing you need on a beach holiday would be a bikini right? Thus I bought this gorgeous bikini from Seafolly!

It's a little more expensive than any swimwear I have ever bought but I was thinking of it as more of an investment, seeing that the only bikini I have was bought more than 10 years ago (YIKES!!!!)

So I started thinking about what would be great to wear on the trip, to make it picture perfect.


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