Wednesday, December 8, 2010

DIY: Mini Christmas bunting

Hi all,

Christmas is coming! Feeling the Christmas spirit yet?

I'm back with a simple little DIY project that I came up with for the season.
It's really easy to do and will only take up like 15 minutes of your time.

It's a mini Christmas bunting!
Here's the materials you need:

1) Red & White felt
2) Twine (the one I got is a lovely red and natural twist from Ikea)
3) Hot glue gun
4) Cardboard cut-outs of the shapes you'd like to use
5) Scissors and black marker

Trace out the shapes using your cardboard cut-outs onto the red felt. I drew stockings and mittens but you can also use shapes like Santa's hat or presents

Cut them out

Cut out a strip of white felt for the fur trim (mine is half a centimeter thick in proportion to my red stockings and mittens)

Hot glue the white felt to the stockings and mittens as a fur trim.

Cut a length of twine, length depending on where you want to hang it. I cut out 1 metre and used about 12 stockings and mittens on it. Place a small glob of hot glue onto the back of the stockings and mittens and press the twine into it, spacing them out evenly

And you're done!

Isn't it quick and easy to do? And it looks really adorable as well. I'm going to hang this at my desk at work and bring a little Christmas cheer into my office!


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