Saturday, June 18, 2011

Love : Our handmade invites

It's the final countdown! (I know...cheesy)
As you can imagine, I'm super busy now. So when I have the time for posting it's gonna be photo laden posts for now. Perhaps after the whole hullabaloo is over I'll put up details and tutorials for my DIY.

For now please just admire the photos haha.

So presenting...our handmade invites!!

close ups. printed on natural paper with feathers in it.

pretty!! i spent a lot of time designing it

the card backing and envelopes. love the bark texture cardstock

all ready to be assembled!

finished product

close ups again

my pretty cherry blossom stamps on the envelopes. green envelopes are for relatives and the kraft ones are for friends

the gorgeous ribbon i got from etsy!

I'll share where I got my materials after the wedding. I have a few good tips and sources for making invites on a budget!


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