Monday, October 11, 2010

Love Etsy

I love Etsy. Love browsing through it's myriad of unique vintage handmade products. I'm so envious of the plethora of talented people out there! I wish I could create just like them.

I've been itching to get something off the gorgeous world of Etsy, especially all those lovely bridal accessories and customised rubber stamps and stickers for favours. But the words "Too early!" and the shipping costs always held me back.

But! But! There are Etsy stores in Singapore! That is to say we have a lot of talented people based locally so shipping shouldn't be that big a problem! Glee!

One off my best finds is Zoopri

Zoopri has a wide range of gorgeous stamps and paper goods which are perfect for weddings, holidays, special occasions and businesses.
Design from Zoopri

Design from Zoopri

Design from Zoopri

Design from Zoopri

I can't wait to order from her for my wedding favours!! So pretty! Check out her store here


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