Thursday, September 23, 2010

Great Find: Insanely Beautiful Webbies with Free Treasures galore!

I've been so bad neglecting this blog of mine but I'd been through quite a dry spell lately, racking my brains for ideas and designs for my bridesmaid invite cards. It has been quite frustrating.

But it turns out my muse is the good old internet. You wouldn't believe the number of kind hearted talented souls out there. In this weeke alone I came across 3 fantabulous wedding blogs that blew me aaway with the gorgeousness of their creations and posts. And best of it all, these angels are offering their works of art for free!!
God Bless You all!!

Now introducing the blogs every bride who's interested in making her wedding totally beautiful and customised MUST VISIT (esp DIY brides cause you'll die in DIY heaven at these sites)

First up is Ruffled.

This blog has the most amazing DIY freebies. And they update reguarly featuring wedding inspirations, real weddings and goodies from other fabulous wedding sites. Love browsing through this blog!

One of my favourite projects featured in Ruffled is this really unique ring holder. I myself have been sourcing for ideas to DIY my ring holder because I totally do not want the traditional ring pillow. It's boring and no one knows what to do with it after the ceremony other than to stick it in some box and collect dust haha.

I want something that we can put on our dresser to keep our wedding bands safe when we take them off each night.
And i found this idea really interesting. It's perfect for book loving couples or vintage themed weddings.

Creator: Brittni from papernstitch
Image taken from Ruffled
You can jump straight to this project here
DIY Vintage Book Ring Holder

Next up is Wedding Chicks (love the name!)

They showcase gorgeous real weddings and photos as well and what's unique about this site is that they do customised tote bags and t shirts for your weddings! These tote bags would be perfect for your bridesmaids and the t shirts are a nice variation for your groomsman especially if you're doing a casual fun wedding.

Get your customised mini-totes from Wedding Chicks!

When I saw the DIY Fabric Envelopes project, I couldn't wait to try it for myself!!

Image from Wedding Chicks

So simple and yet sooo pretty!!
Project can be found here: How to make Fabric Envelopes

Another really useful webbie is Project Wedding.

It has loads of tips and tons of useful articles and also step by step DIY instructions teaching you to amke gorgeous items like these:

Image from Project Weddings

You can find the instructions here: DIY: Gorgeous Chiffon and Tulle Flowers

I found this interesting site while browsing through wedding blogs called Nonpareil Magazine.
It's done magazine style with issues and all and you get pages and pages of really lovely photos aand inspirations and articles.
They also have free downloads like these gorgeous invitations below:

Free Humming Bird Wedding Invitations

Ooo la la such gorgeousness!! These sites have given me such inspiration and browsing through them everyday is such a pleasure, especially on crappy days. Beautiful things cheer me up!


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