Sunday, December 4, 2011


My good friend, IvyGuru, sent me the link to this totally amazing blog Color Me Katie. Her blog is so colorful and filled with so much fun! I love her life, she makes every day and every little thing so bright and colorful. I was so inspired by her blog that I decided to inject a little fun into my life too.

I had recently bought this super cute Mickey Mouse bubble blower from my colleague, for my brother who's a big Disney fan. Sidetrack, my colleague got her kids to gather up toys they barely played with, toys that were gifts and were never opened, toys they have outgrown, and she took pictures of them and put them up on Facebook for a little sale. She's doing this to give her kids a chance to earn a little spending money for their family trip to Hong Kong. I thought it was a great idea to get them to learn the value of money and to clear out some of their old toys. I bought the Mickey Mouse bubble blower off her because I thought it will be really fun to have around.

I had loads of fun playing with it and filling the house and neighborhood with big colorful bubbles!

I feel like a kid watching the bubbles float all over the street but it sure was hard trying to hold onto to Mickey Mouse with one hand and trying to operate the camera on my iPhone with the other. I sure am glad I did not drop either of them.

I can't wait to show it to my bro!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Harry Potter changed my life

I am not kidding.

Harry Potter did change my life. A little over-dramatic you say? Well let me explain.

I discovered Harry Potter a little later than others, when the fourth book Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire was published. I remember seeing it everywhere in the bookstores and wondering what it was all about. I flipped one copy over and read something about a wizard and a tournament. Wizards? Definitely kids' stuff. I did not buy a copy.

However at one family gathering I saw the collection of the four Harry Potter books on my cousin's bookshelf. I asked him about it and what the hype was about and he graciously loaned the set to me.

I started with the first book and I was overwhelmed. At that point in time I was going through a rough patch personally. Without going into details, I felt lost and without a sense of direction, the future was uncertain. I felt like I was a ship cut loose amidst choppy waters. Needless to say I was scared.

When I finished reading the first book, I was hit with a huge dose of nostalgia. I was a kid raised on Enid Blyton. Adventure, The Famous Five, mystery solving, Secret Seven, boarding school, midnight feasts and enchanted woods formed my childhood world. Hogwarts brought back the familiar world of boarding schools with a touch of magic. Staircases that moved and secret passageways? Cool!! But more importantly it was a story filled with a spirit of righteousness, of bravery, of good against bad. JK Rowling's style of writing was like a voice inside my head. I found myself hooked. The books brought me back to a happier , more carefree time and I found solace by escaping into the magical world of Harry Potter. It was a comforting world, a fun world, a world I desperately wished I could be a part of.

Every time a new Harry Potter book came out, I would pre-order it and collect it the day it was launched. I would devour the book from cover to cover immediately, forgoing meals and rest. I sat excitedly in the cinema watching the screen fill with the Warner Brother's logo and John William's excellent soundtrack tinkling out of the speakers for the first movie. I was like, finally! the movie that has been playing my head over and over is going to be on the big screen!

I think the team behind the movies did a good job translating the books onto film. They are all dedicated to staying true to the heart of the books and all this shows up clearly in an amazing book my brother got me as a birthday gift this year, Harry Potter Film Wizardry - From the Creative Team Behind the Celebrated Movie Series.

(All photos taken by my iPhone, edited using the Magic Hour app and posted to my Instagram feed)

The beauttiful cover.

The thing that makes this book one that I would grab if my house is on fire is the fact that it is an interactive book. Puzzled? Well, see that famous Hogwarts' envelope above?

You open it and find your very own copy of Harry's acceptance letter!! And there's like a ton of such treasures throughout the whole book, removable reproductions of paper ephemera from the movies!

This is a great example of the dedication of the graphics design team, the Yule Ball programme. It is not shown in a single shot on screen but you can see the effort that went into the design and details.

One of my favourite pieces in the book. My own full copy of the Marauder's Map.

I solemnly swear I am up to no good.

Not only little treasures waiting to be found, the pages are chockful of information and tidbits.

Like a copy of JK Rowling's handwritten explanation of the Black family tree.

What I am showing here is just a small portion of the book. There are pages and pages of trivia, cast and crew interviews, great prop reproductions and lovely set photographs. This beautiful book can be bought here from Amazon and my brother says it can also be found at the Kinokuniya store here in Singapore. This book is definitely a must buy for any Potterhead. I love it so much.

Also check out my Pinterest board which has the same title as this post. It's also filled with great Potter related stuff that I repinned there. Follow me if you liked it!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Love: Shinzi Katoh and Young Hearts

Zakka lovers alert!

Famous Zakka artist Shinzi Katoh has collaborated with Young Hearts, the lingerie line, to produce a special limited edition collection of home wear and pajamas!

That's right, you can finally buy and wear Shinzi Katoh designs in Singapore!

I was so thrilled to discover this collaboration in Intimate Closet, a store that carries Young Hearts among other lingerie brands and I knew I had to get a set even though I don't wear PJs.

Isn't this just adorable?? I got a set that is a short-sleeved top and shorts in my favourite A Little Red Riding Hood design. They also have the Cheri and Cinderella series. I just have this thing for Little Red Riding Hood, especially Shinzi Katoh's. Now when you buy a set, it comes with a matching little eco drawstring bag where you can keep your precious set in.

A closer look at the pretty little bag.

All ready to go!

Look at the adorable little details. Who could be afraid of this cute little wolf?

I'm a really skinny little person and the smallest size they had was medium, I haven't tried the set myself (couldn't bear to wear it heehee) but hey home wear is supposed to be loose fitting and comfy aint it?

Also as an extra treat, when you buy any set you are entitled to buy his other merchandise at 40% off!! I didn't manage to take any photos in the store but there were an iPhone 4S cover (only one design, a pouch, a card holder and a large tote bag.

I picked the tote bag.

There are 3 designs and I picked the classic red and white polka-dotted one. It's really roomy and great for shopping.

Back view.

You can browse the complete collection here. Hurry get your set now before it's all gone!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Love: Collection 101 from The Closet Lover

Cool! The ticker above says we have been married 100 days as of 17 Oct 2011. Honestly it didn't feel that long but it is October now, a good 3 months from July so I guess yeah, time flies.

Anyway, this post is not about marriage. I want to deviate from my usual sharings about weddings and home and share with you about a fabulous collection of clothes from a fabulous blogshop The Closet Lover!

Briefly about The Closet Lover:
This pretty blogshop on Livejournal is operated by two sister Brianna and Bertilla who have a mad love of clothes, accessories and polka dots! (my kind of girls). I have the honour of knowing Brianna who's really great fun to be with and through her I am slowly cultivating a love for clothes and style!

They had just launched their 101st collection (yes imagine! 101!! wow!!) and I want to share some of my drool list. Their 100th collection was celebrated with much fanfare and sold out in record time. (Why didn't I think to share them here then, doofus?!)

Below are photos taken from their sneaks album on Facebook and beautifully captured by Wilson Chua @ Androids in Boots. The lovely model is Constance Lau.

Love the colour of this top and the crochet ends are such a unique detail!

You can always depend on a printed top to brighten up and add a touch of fun to any outfit. The tiny hearts on this top are just adorable!

Cream eyelet shorts. How perfectly dainty. Great for days when you want to be dressed for hot weather and are tired of ordinary t-shirts and shorts. Pair with a pretty top like the fluttery hearts top above and you're good to go for a full day of shopping or high tea!

Love this ensemble. Perfect for the office. I think you can get away with the skirt's length due to the fact that it's skorts. No accidental exposure!

They also have accessories! Isn't this belt the cutest? Adds the right amount of punch to any outfit. Also available in white, black, jade, camel and blue! So you'll always have one to match any outfit!

This collection will be launching soon so be sure to check out their Livejournal shop regularly so as to not miss out! Their collections sell out super fast so you must be quick! You can also like them on Facebook to get regular updates and exclusive sneak peaks of their lovely clothes.

Check out the rest of the collection here in their sneaks album on Facebook. There are many more lovelies but I am just showcasing my drool list. Oh hubby, when you will sponsor my shopping spree at The Closet Lover??

Oh and now when you like their C101 sneaks on Facebook, you stand a chance to win 4 outfits and 5 Topshop inspired belts!!! Plus they are also giving away mystery goodies bags! The promotion will end soon! Hurry!!

All photos belong to The Closet Lover and Wilson Chua. Please do not use them as your own. If you would like to repost about this, please give them due credit. Thank you very much.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Love: Our Wedding Photos

Hi all,

Sharing some photos from our wedding.
All photos from tinydotphotography, our wedding photographer.
Photo templates are from the amazing pugly pixel which could be found here. (free!)

My two favourite looks for our big day. For morning fetching of the bride and second march in.

It was a wonderful day and the Loft Suite at The Fullerton where we stayed for our wedding night was simply amazing.

Can't wait to receive our photo album! Will definitely put up photos of that too.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


I know I haven't blogged in a million years. I don't know why but I kinda lost the urge to blog. Maybe it's because there's this whole barrage of creative outlets that's needing my attention. I have been busy on instagram, Pinterest and even started writing online stories on Wattpad! Busy busy.

I actually have lots to share, escpecially the great things I'd found on the net but I guess it's the fact that I owe this blog a wedding post that's keeping me back. We got back the gorgeous actual day photos from our wedding photographer Tinydot and I should put them up soon.

Perhaps this new blog background may inspire me. It's my current love, polka dots! But it needs a new banner. Time to find time to be creative!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Love : Our handmade invites

It's the final countdown! (I know...cheesy)
As you can imagine, I'm super busy now. So when I have the time for posting it's gonna be photo laden posts for now. Perhaps after the whole hullabaloo is over I'll put up details and tutorials for my DIY.

For now please just admire the photos haha.

So presenting...our handmade invites!!

close ups. printed on natural paper with feathers in it.

pretty!! i spent a lot of time designing it

the card backing and envelopes. love the bark texture cardstock

all ready to be assembled!

finished product

close ups again

my pretty cherry blossom stamps on the envelopes. green envelopes are for relatives and the kraft ones are for friends

the gorgeous ribbon i got from etsy!

I'll share where I got my materials after the wedding. I have a few good tips and sources for making invites on a budget!


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