Monday, October 17, 2011

Love: Collection 101 from The Closet Lover

Cool! The ticker above says we have been married 100 days as of 17 Oct 2011. Honestly it didn't feel that long but it is October now, a good 3 months from July so I guess yeah, time flies.

Anyway, this post is not about marriage. I want to deviate from my usual sharings about weddings and home and share with you about a fabulous collection of clothes from a fabulous blogshop The Closet Lover!

Briefly about The Closet Lover:
This pretty blogshop on Livejournal is operated by two sister Brianna and Bertilla who have a mad love of clothes, accessories and polka dots! (my kind of girls). I have the honour of knowing Brianna who's really great fun to be with and through her I am slowly cultivating a love for clothes and style!

They had just launched their 101st collection (yes imagine! 101!! wow!!) and I want to share some of my drool list. Their 100th collection was celebrated with much fanfare and sold out in record time. (Why didn't I think to share them here then, doofus?!)

Below are photos taken from their sneaks album on Facebook and beautifully captured by Wilson Chua @ Androids in Boots. The lovely model is Constance Lau.

Love the colour of this top and the crochet ends are such a unique detail!

You can always depend on a printed top to brighten up and add a touch of fun to any outfit. The tiny hearts on this top are just adorable!

Cream eyelet shorts. How perfectly dainty. Great for days when you want to be dressed for hot weather and are tired of ordinary t-shirts and shorts. Pair with a pretty top like the fluttery hearts top above and you're good to go for a full day of shopping or high tea!

Love this ensemble. Perfect for the office. I think you can get away with the skirt's length due to the fact that it's skorts. No accidental exposure!

They also have accessories! Isn't this belt the cutest? Adds the right amount of punch to any outfit. Also available in white, black, jade, camel and blue! So you'll always have one to match any outfit!

This collection will be launching soon so be sure to check out their Livejournal shop regularly so as to not miss out! Their collections sell out super fast so you must be quick! You can also like them on Facebook to get regular updates and exclusive sneak peaks of their lovely clothes.

Check out the rest of the collection here in their sneaks album on Facebook. There are many more lovelies but I am just showcasing my drool list. Oh hubby, when you will sponsor my shopping spree at The Closet Lover??

Oh and now when you like their C101 sneaks on Facebook, you stand a chance to win 4 outfits and 5 Topshop inspired belts!!! Plus they are also giving away mystery goodies bags! The promotion will end soon! Hurry!!

All photos belong to The Closet Lover and Wilson Chua. Please do not use them as your own. If you would like to repost about this, please give them due credit. Thank you very much.


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