Monday, March 22, 2010

The One where I wanna go to Japan now!!

my sis came back from work oday with a package of chocolates her colleague brought back from Japan and made me wanna fly to Japan immediately!!!

look look!

cherry blossom shaped chocolates from japan!

sooooooooooooooo pretty!!!!!

if only i can have these as my wedding favours!!it so fits with my wedding theme. anyone going to japan end this year or before july next year?? can help me buy like a huge box of them? i'll be eternally grateful!!

Friday, March 19, 2010

The One with Weiling's gown fitting

weekends are seriously way too short, they should be 3 days and not 2!

took half day today to give myself a chance to settle some errands and hopefully squeeze in some rest time

went down to meet weiling at the aisle to try out her evening gown, it's turning out very nice! she'll look great in it. i also took the chance to try out one of their more petite wedding gowns.

it was one that a bride had made to measure and she had a 22-23 inch waist!! never tot i'll meet someone skinner than me and never had the experience of having a dress that i couldn't zip up. clothes usually fall off me lol!

that feeling of stepping out in the gown and seeing myself in the mirror was quite magical. it wasn't MY dress, not something i specified or did up with the designer, it was off the rack and happened to be small enough for me but seeing myself in it and feeling that full skirt with the can can beneath...that feeling and image is still ablaze in my head...

i can't wait for when i can sit down with a designer and go through what i need and what suits me and try out THE gown. the people at the aisle seemed to be very flexible and friendly. seems like a place i could work with.

working on a ribbon corsage for weiling now, hope it turns out nice. will post pics later!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

The one with Yingchao's baby shower

had a sumptious dim sum buffet at the Jade restaurant in Fullerton hotel, a nice gathering with the gals and a sort of baby shower for chao

he food was delish and at just SGD$28 per pax for the 11.30am seating, it's a steal!

check out the details here:

Delightful Dim Sum weekends

me and weiling scrapped a little something for the mummy...a room sign for the new baby!

we also did a lovely photo frame for their first family photo but i don't have a pic of it

after the buffet, i went down to ikea to shop around with little sis. was planning to see if there's any nice little things to buy but in the end it was my sis who bought a bag full of stuff, haha i made her spend money when she was only supposed to be accompanying me
but i got a few inspirations for our future home and checked out their latest offerings. a lot of visualisation in my head, i love ikea!

ok i may be way ahead in terms of buying things for my new home but hey this is nice and it was only $10.90!

pretty bedsheets!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

The One with a nice date on a Saturday

ha one of the rare saturdays where i did not rot in front of the lappie for the whole day

also one of the rare weekends where hubby-to-be(HTB)[heehee] did not have to work, so i proposed going down to bras brasah complex to shop the art stores there and also take a walk walk around the area

we also took a walk around our future wedding spot!so in love with the place, it's gonna be perfect!
took a video of the place =)

went to art friend and got some ideas, inspirations and possibilities for our wedding favours
found these lovely cherry blossom ribbons!

i'm so glad to see HTB being so open to my ideas and it was fun exploring and brainstorming with him
walked and shopped a bit, had some yummy Jap food at The Cathay, wanted to catch 'Alice in Wonderland' but not much tickets left
all in all a nice date =)


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