Sunday, March 27, 2011

Love : Our Wedding Bands

Revealing our wedding bands!!

Custom made from eClarity. *loves*

Love : The Fullerton Hotel

Met up with our florist, Cecilia, for our big day and we went over many details and sketched out a rough look for the day. Glee!

Also took the chance to take some photos of the hotel which I didn't manage to the previous times I was there.

Other bride-to-bes who are considering hotels can try out this grand old dame.

The front facade

The courtyard facing rooms

Courtyard and the rooms above

The lovely grand sweeping staircase to the ballroom

The outer foyer

The lift lobby

The inner foyer

The staircase down into the ballroom

An event just ended when we were there so the setup is more of a lecture style. This is part is the middle section of the ballroom which can seat 200 pax. The whole ballroom if used can seat 400 pax.

I love the history of this place, the ambience and the decor of this hotel. So happy we're holding our wedding here.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Love: Table Centerpieces and Number Inspiration

Tomorrow's gonna be a fun and exciting day wedding-wise!!
I'm meeting my florist to discuss our ballroom's decor in the afternoon and then collecting our wedding bands in the evening. Can't wait!

I can't believe our bands are ready so soon, it's been only a month! Really really can't wait to see them. :)

To prepare for our meeting with the florist tomorrow, I've been searching for inspiration on trusty old Pinterest.

Centerpieces Inspiration

Source: None via Katie on Pinterest

Nice and simple
Read more after the jump!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Blog Love : How to make an Inspiration Board from The Crafty DiY Bride

I chanced upon this great post on The Crafty DiY Bride today, which is dead useful for any bride to be.

How to make an Inspiration Board

Inspiration boards are an important tool when you need to visualise and plan the look for your wedding. You've probably started saving images from websites, bookmarking links or cutting pages from magazines. What you need next is an area to organise all your material. This helps you to see your ideas in a cohesive manner and it will also be helpful when you need to show your planners or gown designers.

I've always held off showing my inspiration boards here mainly because it is too tiring to do them in Photoshop or other design software. Thanks to Mel from The Crafty DiY Bride, now there's a selection of various websites and tools we can easily create boards with!!

I tried the one from Dessy and it's really handy!
Here's a sample board I did.

It's a little last minute so it's not very good ;p.
You can use your own images or their own library of resources.

What I love best is that it's tied up with PANTONE colour swatches so no more 'light, soft pink' but 'PANTONE Rose Water' and instead of trying to describe the green as 'mossy', it's 'PANTONE Pistachio'. No one will ever get your colours wrong again!

Only flaw is that I couldn't save it as an image and had to print screen in order to post it here.

There's also a ton of other resources like bridesmaid dresses and invites and men's accessories.

Check out Dessy now and not forgetting the other recommendations by Mel.

Etsy Love : Love me

If you get there before I do
don't give up on me
I'll meet you when my chores are through
I don't know how long I'll be
but I'm not gonna let you down
darling wait and see
and between now and then
'til I see you again
I'll be lovin' you
love, me

If you get there before I do - Colin Raye

Check out my Etsy treasury lists here

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Love : Happy Birthday Vera!

It is soo difficult to take photos of kids.
Either that or I need a high speed camera.

Had fun at Vera's 1st birthday party but not as much as the birthday gal herself.

This is my favourite shot, look at her so happy.

Happy Birthday sweetheart, may you always be healthy and happy.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Pinterest love : Copy & Paste

This seriously made me laugh out loud.
What a cute idea!

It's going to be a fun fun weekend for me!
First off, going to Bras Basah later to check out Fancy Paper, a paper store recommended by a couple of friends as having the best value for bulk purchase. Then if I have the time, I'll pop by Chinatown to get some more fabric. Gonna try a new idea for a lanyard!

Then in the evening, it's Vera's first birthday BBQ at a chalet! I'll get to see the cutie plus my gals! Hoping to get some good pictures to try out all the photoshop goodies and tips I have been amassing this week.

Sunday will a stop by Plaza Singapura's Daiso to get the lovely lace that seems to be found only at that outlet. After that, it'll be a mad crafting and editing afternoon. Wonder if I'll be able to do both at the same time.

Leaving you all with this absolutely cute photo until I have something to show you. Happy weekend!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Vintage Suitcase turned Giftwrapping station

aaahhhhh! aaahhhhh! aaahhhhhhh!

how cute is this vintage suitcase turned gift wrapping station???
got to get me one of them vintage suitcases now!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Home dream : Neëst - Scandinavian and Japanese loveliness

Neëst - a shop filled with everything lovely of Scandinavian and Japanese design.

Scandinavian and Japanese??? How did the two of them get mixed up together, you say?? It might seem like a weird combination but trust me these two works perfectly together. It is also my ideal decorating style for our future nest.

Both styles are famous for their simplistic design and clean lines, with a strong emphasis on natural looks and style of life. When they come together, magic happens.

And Neëst is the epitome of this ideal.

1. Cara cup
2. Kakudo wall clock
3. Small maple bowl
4. Lotus tea serveur

2. Panier baby
3. Brush "Duck"
4. Mini glass vase

Aren't they just lovely? I would love to have all these in my home.
Be sure to check out their blog too!


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