Friday, March 8, 2013

Dream house: Fourth week progress and complete!

This post is way overdue.

To be more accurate it's Week 4 and beyond. Previosuly I was able to post updates every week cos the work was not done by us and we just had to pop by and check on the progress.

Renovation works was completed on time and the house was delivered to us on Christmas Eve no less! It was the best Christmas present ever. Walking around our dream home felt so good even though it was bare with only a sofa, a rug and a coffee table. It was already beautiful in our eyes.

Now the load has been transferred to us. Furniture and appliance shopping, arranging for delivery, cleaning up and lots of other tiny details to take care of. Phew. Busy busy busy!

Some photos to share:

Our lovely kitchen :)

A better view of our tiled floor and the first furniture delivered! Check out our turquoise sofa, we picked a bright shade to add a pop of colour to the living room.

The master bedroom which is now our cosy space with our self-made walk-in dressing space.

The second largest bedroom which is now our bedroom. Love my wall! We got white furniture to compliment it.

My sunshiney Room of Requirement haha. It does not have a definite purpose yet so it'll become whatver we need it to be whenever we need it to be, thus Room of Requirement! I see us entertaining friends here so I'll be looking out for bean bags, comfortable cushions, floor rugs and a nice low table. Good for board games or watching movies!

Boxes and boxes of Ikea goodies waiting to be assembled!

My Ikea assembly production line! It's honestly so much fun to have your whole family putting together the furniture. 

Our sleeping room with bed assembled! I got sheets to match my beautiful wall :)

Dinig table and chairs! The dining table can be extend to seat 6 or more. Good for when family and friends come to dinner.
We have been staying in our new home for more than a month now and loving every minute of it. I feel there's still a lot to be done to make it truly homely, like curtains for instance. We definitely need to put up curtains cos we get the morning sun streaming in everyday. You definitely cannot sleep in on weekends! LOL. I also need more storage furniture and to build up my crafting corner. It'll be more trips to Ikea and non-stop buying!
But all the hard work is worth it because it's our home :)

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Dream house: Third week progress

More visible progress this week! So happy! Last week the new additions were not so obvious but now things are really taking shape.

The shower screen for the master bathroom is up!!

Work in progress, thank god the tiling HDB gave us was of a neutral colour. We did not have to do an overlay of tiles.

The storage heater is going up!

Our mirror which we pieced together and ready for installation.

Look at my lovely bedroom feature wall colour! Soooo loving it. This is from the Nippon Vinilex 5000 range - Aquamarine 5086.

This is the feature wall of our 2nd bedroom. Also from the Nippon Vinilex 5000 range - Cornfield 5085. We do not have a function for this room yet so I'm just going to call it our Room of Requirement. It'll be whatever we require it to be haha.

Our airconditioners! Yay I'll be able to have a good sleep again every night!

Look at our light fixtures in their funky hot pink boxes. We chose very simple basic ceiling lights, nothing impressive. I'm planning to dress up the room and create different tones with floor and table lamps.

My wardrobe ready for installation! Ooo so excited!!

Doesn't our living room look all glowy hehe? If you look carefully, you'll see that the wall on the right is this lovely soft green colour. That's Nippon Vinilex 5000 - Cucumber 5067. I'll take a better picture next time. The rest of the house is done in Nippon Vinilex - Rose Petal 5083.

What I'm most excited about is our kitchen!! I can't get over how fantastic it looks, exactly how I wanted it. It'll be such a joy to learn more recipes and do my cooking experiments here!

Stove area

Sink area

This week, the lights should be up and they are finally laying the bedroom floors! If only our furniture search is as smooth as the renovations. It's been so tough looking for the right pieces for our dream house. Actually I should correct that, we found many suitable pieces, just that Whitewoods, Air and Grafunkt are out of our budget. As with anything, a limited budget is the biggest obstacle. Le sigh.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Bellabox: December

Hey another Bellabox feature!
I didn't do the November one cos I wasn't too impressed with the items in it but I liked the December one!

Nice snowflake detail on the has the feeling of Christmas!

The usual card. Quite a few items I wanna try!

I received:

1) Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Intensive Moisturising Hand treatment (Retail: $40.00 for 75ml)
2) Svenson Hair Corrective Serum (Retail: $2700 for 30 bottles, 5ml)
3) Bodytech Intense Trim Serum (Retail: $980 for a box of 14 tubes, 12ml)
4) Mememe Nail Polish in Sensuous (Retail: $14.90 for 12 ml)
5) Make Up For Ever HD High Definition Primer (Retail: $67.00 for 30ml)
6) Cellilux Deep Sea Secret Glacial Mineral Gel Mask (Retail: $78 for 60ml)
7) Bellabox Eyeshadow brush

Ooo MUFE HD Primer! I was just looking at MUFE's HD range thinking if I should give it a try. This sample came at the right time. I am also loving the Elizabeth Arden hand cream, a nice size for keeping it on my office desk.

I couldn't wait to try the nail polish so I applied it immediately. Sensuous is a nude colour with a bit more orange undertones. I'm not sure if i was my poor skills or the polish but application wasn't that smooth. It did dry quite quickly.

A bonus was the Bellabox eyeshadow brush. I already have a Sigma set but this horsehair brush Bellabox gave was also quite soft. Nice! 

Can't wait to try the primer and hand cream! m>.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Dream house: Second week progress

Bit by bit, tile by tile. It's so exciting to see your dream home come into fruition.
Another week has gone by for our renovations and the completion date gets even closer!
So far the electrician has started on his section, moving some of my electric and lighting points; smooth floor rendering has been done by HDB for our rooms; the lights and kitchen fixtures have also been delivered. The reno train is chugging along!

The Hubs and I putting together the bathroom mirror from Ikea.

Smooth floor rendering done!

Because we did not use any of the flooring offered by HDB and chose laminated flooring from our ID, we needed to have HDB come in to render the floors so that the laminated flooring can be installed. After the screeing of the cement, it needs to be left to dry for at least 7 days before the flooring can be installed. The dryness of the cement must be at least 6%.

ooo my dream dressing area...can't wait to see you soon!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Dream house: First week progress

We are into the first week of our dream home's renovations!
It's so exciting to see our dream home slowly becoming into reality...loves.

Ok photos!

What has been done so far:

The tiled section of our flooring is done. The tiles are in the main area while the bedrooms will have laminated flooring.

The Hubs chose the glossy champagne coloured tiles as he felt they will help reflect light and make the living area brighter. It really does have that effect doesn't it?

Shower kerb for the master bedroom bathroom is done, waiting for the glass shower doors.

Base for the kitchen cabinets.

Piping for the stove connected.

Base for the fridge.

Base for the washing machine.

Kitchen works in progress.

Partition wall to fill in part of the indented area. This will allow the sofa to be placed flushed against the wall so there's no awkward gap behind it.

Up next will be electrical works, installation of the storage heater and bathroom accessories. I'm honestly very grateful to Francis our ID. Most interior designers just come up with the design and give you advice but one service that Ciseern provides is that your designer will also be your project manager. He coordinates all contacts for the different vendors who would be coming in to work on your renovation. When he accompanies us to purchase fixtures and furniture, we can also pass him all the invoice numbers so that he can arrange the delivery dates and installation. A lot less headache for me indeed! Honestly with work being so crazy lately, if i had to coordinate the different timings for the contractors to commence their work, I swear I would go bonkers!

Update next week!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Dream Home progress

Hi all!
Before you all think this blog has gone all weird (suddenly reviewing beauty products? isn't this a home blog?), I better post a little about the progress of our new home. I'll tell you why those beauty-related posts got onto this blog another time.

Anyway, WE GOT OUR KEYS!!! Super excited! Nothing beats the first time you rush up there, open the main door and gaze into your future home and explore every crook and cranny. I wanted to move in there immediately, who cares if there's no water or electricity or even floors! LOL.

Yeah but common sense kicked in and we are forging ahead with our renovation plans. Really excited. We are using Francis Tan from Ciseern and so far the experience has been good. We were at a Home exhibition at Expo a couple of months back, starting our research and sourcing for designers. We walked past the Ciseern booth and were approached by Francis. Since we went to the Expo with the purpose of sussing out potential renovation firms, of course we gave his sales talk a chance. He showed us around the show flat and introduced some of their star features.

We sat down to chat and he introduced us the packages that Ciseern offered and before we knew it, we signed up for their 4-Room package. Now this is sooo not me. I'm the type that researches and checks for reviews just to buy an eyeliner. Signing on the spot was giving me major jitters.

But I guess what made me trust Francis and sign for the package was mainly because he understood what zakka was. Do you know how hard it was to explain my dream home style to the friends and family who asked me? Gosh I do not want to have to go the whole to the most important person in my dream home design process - my designer. But Francis, having studied design in Japan, understood zakka which made communication a lot easier. He was also easy to talk with and not pushy. The ever-supportive hubby also gave me the assurance saying how often do you meet someone who understand your style? He was totally with me on having zakka as our home theme. Love.

Back to Francis. One could tell he really had the customer in mind. So far, he has been attentive and responsible and the renovation progress has been smooth. The actual work hasn't started yet but we have been busy picking out all the necessary materials and colours. It's tiring but really fun and exciting. It totally makes me happy to have a hand in building up my dream home.

Wow after more than 2 years finally from this:

to this:

Our beloved home!

Our main gate...entrance to our love nest! (I blurred out my unit-no of course, the top part doesn't actually look like this)

Living room


Little nook for dining area

Living room

Bedroom 2

Bedroom 1

Master bedroom


Common bathroom

Master bathroom

View from the master bedroom window

The neighbourhood

It'll be very interesting and fun to post weekly progress photos of our dream home's renovation. I hope I can keep up with that!

Til next time <3 p="p">


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