Saturday, April 23, 2011

Love: Bridal Heels from Studio Tangs

I bought my bridal heels!!

Shoes are one of the most important elements of any wedding day, if not the most. You can have the perfect dress and gorgeous makeup and jewelry but if your feet hurt, all everyone could see would be the grimace on your face. As one who has had her fair share of horrible feet-killing shoes, I tell you there's no way you can be the blissful bride when all the 'bliss' you have comes from 'blisters'.

So it's very important you get yourself a pair of beautiful and comfortable pair of heels for your big day. It'll make all the difference in the world.

In my perfect world, I would be wearing either this pair from Badgely Mishka

or this pair from Fendi

or this pair from Alexander McQueen

Aren't they all dreamy?
But I could only dream, time to return back to earth.

So I thought I better get started on my search for my heels, thinking I'll probably need to trawl through numerous shops in order to find the heels I wanted. Actually I have been keeping an eye out for potentials while out shopping and ruled out places like Nine West and Aldo. I was slowly going down my list and was about to hit the departmental stores like Takashimaya and Tangs next.

Then while out with my bestie, we chanced upon Studio Tangs in Raffles City. And tadah there were my heels!!

I bought 2 pairs, both ivory peep-toes, one with a gorgeous ruffly flower and the other a simple bow.

(Heehee, my first attempt at styling. I used my favourite pink sash and pearls)

The pair with the flower has a steeper arch and thus a little cramp-inducing so I'll need all the practice I can get. It's been a while since I wore heels on a regular basis, preferring flats over heels for work.
The pair with the bow is a lot more comfortable and I call them my backup pair. I can totally wear them with my second gown or if my first pair gives me grief, I can switch pairs and still look great!
Perfect plan haha!


Love the pretty flower!

This is definitely a pair I can wear in future.

I'm very happy with my purchases. Bride-to-bes in Singapore can definitely check out Studio Tangs for their wide range of bridal shoes. And the prices are very reasonable too!


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