Sunday, May 23, 2010

The One with the Amy Atlas inspiration

I really can't wait to start on my DIY plans for my wedding but weiling was right. If i start too early, i'll lose steam and have a pile of incomplete projects in my room haha.

Haven't really decided on exactly I want to do yet, as in a list of projects and all but I do know I wanna do my own candy buffet table. So inspired by none other than the desert mastreo herself, Amy Atlas.

her masterpieces...

aren't they all so so beautiful?? you could hardly bear to disturb the arrangement or eat the delicious looking treats cos they just look so perfect!

the desert goddess herself - Amy Atlas. she's beautiful AND talented. God is not fair...sigh
u can see the rest of her awesome work here at her website Amy Atlas

this is the table i plan to re-create...

this is one of her simplier designs and meant for a birthday party but it's so perfect for my needs
i'm not going to do the full thing of cos, the main thing i'm targeting at is the cork boards tacked with little bags of sweet treats

it would be relatively simple to DIY, paper a couple of memo corkboards with pretty wrapping paper, buy plastic or glassine bags and fill them with pink and green sweets, cut strips of japanese midori paper and staple them to the tops of the bags to seal them and then tack them to the corkboard.

then maybe i'll get a couple of glass jars or vases and filled them with things like marshmellows and cookies, little paper cupcakes holders filled with sweets and small paper bags for my guests to bring away the treats they like; and place them on a long table covered with a soft green table cloth onto which pink sakura cutouts would be scattered.

pretty do-able don't you think?

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