Saturday, November 5, 2011

Love: Shinzi Katoh and Young Hearts

Zakka lovers alert!

Famous Zakka artist Shinzi Katoh has collaborated with Young Hearts, the lingerie line, to produce a special limited edition collection of home wear and pajamas!

That's right, you can finally buy and wear Shinzi Katoh designs in Singapore!

I was so thrilled to discover this collaboration in Intimate Closet, a store that carries Young Hearts among other lingerie brands and I knew I had to get a set even though I don't wear PJs.

Isn't this just adorable?? I got a set that is a short-sleeved top and shorts in my favourite A Little Red Riding Hood design. They also have the Cheri and Cinderella series. I just have this thing for Little Red Riding Hood, especially Shinzi Katoh's. Now when you buy a set, it comes with a matching little eco drawstring bag where you can keep your precious set in.

A closer look at the pretty little bag.

All ready to go!

Look at the adorable little details. Who could be afraid of this cute little wolf?

I'm a really skinny little person and the smallest size they had was medium, I haven't tried the set myself (couldn't bear to wear it heehee) but hey home wear is supposed to be loose fitting and comfy aint it?

Also as an extra treat, when you buy any set you are entitled to buy his other merchandise at 40% off!! I didn't manage to take any photos in the store but there were an iPhone 4S cover (only one design, a pouch, a card holder and a large tote bag.

I picked the tote bag.

There are 3 designs and I picked the classic red and white polka-dotted one. It's really roomy and great for shopping.

Back view.

You can browse the complete collection here. Hurry get your set now before it's all gone!

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