Sunday, September 9, 2012

Bellabox: September

Yesterday I received my very first Bellabox!
I only subscribed last month, hopping on to the beauty subscription quite late.

I had heard of these services like Bellabox and Vanity Trove of course but hesitated to use them, even though the concept was very attractive, as they carried a lot of unfamiliar brands and I thought I don't really need more products to clutter up my vanity. As it is I have already been buying too much stuff to try and wasting them when I found they were incompatible with my skin.

However Bellabox brought in some brands that were familiar, especially makeup and I got interested. And so, my first Bellabox!

Alright, enough blabber. I'm sure you are all eager to know what's in this month's box, so reveal!

Love the pink box btw!

The products!

Card from Bellabox listing the items I'm given. A little background on me cause I know that Bellabox customises their boxes according to their subscribers needs. I'm combination skin type, hitting the big 3-0, usually uses neutrals in my makeup, goes for the fresh, natural look and put down likes to look for new products to supplement my skincare routine in the survey.

And so I was given the following:

1) Caudalie Cleansing Water, Retails $35 for 200ml.
According to the information in the box,it's for all skin types. "Perfectly cleans and removes make-up. Contains moisturising and soothing active ingredients. High tolerance formula, suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive." The usage instructions state that it's to be used in the morning and evening. Apply using cotton pad unto face and eyes to cleanse and tone. No need to rinse. Hmmm, I'm a little iffy about cleansing products that do not need to rinse. Always feel like there's residue on my face.

2) Caudalie Vinosource Range: S.O.S Thirst Quenching Serum, Retails $67 for 30ml
"All skin types. Extra-sensory and oil free serum with an ultra-light aqeous texture. High tolerance formula that continuously captures and diffuses water deep within the skin, leaving it soft and fresh." Also a morning and evening product but avoid the eye area. I'm intrigued by this. Been looking for something to moisturise my skin. It has been in sebum over-drive lately.

3) Caudalie Vinosource Range: Moisturising Sorbet, Retails $52 for 40ml, Moisturising Matifying Fluid, Retails $52 for 40ml.
The sorbet is for sensitive skin and the matifying cream is for combination skin. Doesn't sorbet sound adorable?
"Surprising gel cream texture that immediately soothes, moisturises and calms the skin."
Matifying cream
"Lightweight texture with a matifying effect that instantly absorbs excess sebum and regulates its production."

4) Vichy Bi-White Med Deep Corrective whitening Lotion, Retails $49 for 200ml
It targets "melanin at its source, deep within your skin, and stops its creation biologically, this Lotion fights dark spots, dullness and yellowish skin tone. For all skin types, even sensitive." Sounds good for me, I have uneven skintone that gets dull easily so I'll see if this works.

5) Rimmel Flash Eye Liner, Retails $15.90
I'm guessing here cause the name on the eyeliner doesn't really fit with the one on the card. It was serendipity that this was in my box as I was planning to get an eyeliner with a smudging effect. Although emerald green is something a bit more dramatic for me but I'm eager to try it out!

6) Celmonze Premium Facial Ampoules, Vitamin A, Retails $95 for a box of 5
I've used ampoules before and did not feel they made a big difference. I also feel that one to try may not have much effect. But going in with an open mind!

And of course, the usual vouchers!

Hopefully I will be able to blog about my experience with these products soon and maybe find something that works for me!

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