Saturday, March 6, 2010

The One with a nice date on a Saturday

ha one of the rare saturdays where i did not rot in front of the lappie for the whole day

also one of the rare weekends where hubby-to-be(HTB)[heehee] did not have to work, so i proposed going down to bras brasah complex to shop the art stores there and also take a walk walk around the area

we also took a walk around our future wedding spot!so in love with the place, it's gonna be perfect!
took a video of the place =)

went to art friend and got some ideas, inspirations and possibilities for our wedding favours
found these lovely cherry blossom ribbons!

i'm so glad to see HTB being so open to my ideas and it was fun exploring and brainstorming with him
walked and shopped a bit, had some yummy Jap food at The Cathay, wanted to catch 'Alice in Wonderland' but not much tickets left
all in all a nice date =)

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