Monday, April 26, 2010

The one where weekends start to be not long enough

Haven't been diligent in updating my blog here. It has been an exhausting 2 weeks, helping weiling with her own wedding DIYs, sourcing for our hotel venue, working out a guest list, planning & researching, work etc...

There were times where I took half day or full day leave just to catch my breath and my senses. Weekends are simply too short!

We went to Fullerton hotel last Tuesday to suss it out as a potential location. It started with weiling suggesting their Straits Room as an alternative as we couldn't figure out how to hold our wedding in Raffles. We either had to pare down our guest list by a great deal or use the less gorgeous ballroom. It was a real headache.

Anywayz, we met up with Priscilia from Fullerton and she took us of a tour of their rooms. We went to the Straits Room first as I wanted to see if it would be suitable for my needs. It was a gorgeous room with high ceilings and chandeliers and long windows that stretched the length of the room. We went there at night but it's easy to see that it would be beautiful in the day. It could seat a min of 80 ppl and a max of 120 thus again alas too small for my needs. Why are all beautiful rooms with character and style sooo tiny??

We then went down to their ballroom which happened to be partioned that day for a corporate function. It's full size could seat 400 ppl and can be sectioned off into 3 parts to fit 100 ppl for the side sections and 200 ppl for the central section. Normally their standard package for the ballroom would include the use of the entire ballroom and a min of 25 tables (ie 250 ppl). This was way beyond the amount of ppl I'm planning to invite.

I was wondering if I'll ever find some place suitable, one where the room doesn't look stereotypically boring and won't burst my budget. Looking at the central section of the ballroom where the corporate event wad held earlier in the day, I tried my luck and asked Priscilia if she can come up with a package for 150 ppl and the use of just that section. She replied that she could do up something specially for me. The first glimmer of hope!

We then sat down for a proper discussion where she presented details of their packages. I must say they have a better package than Raffles and I loved most of their little extras that they provided. I went home feeling all upbeat that finally this all could be done! What followed next was an entire day of nail biting waiting for her email with the proposal I wanted. I was very worried that it might be very costly as I'm restricting their ballroom and asking for a better and bigger room for the night.

You cannot imagine my relief when I open that PDF file and saw the details and price. It's a little more expensive than the Raffles one but I was very pleased with the menu and the things she included in my package. Finally!

Hopefully we'll be able to make a booking this week and step one of the wedding is finally started!

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