Sunday, April 11, 2010

The One with the Raffles Romance wedding fair

went to the Raffles Hotel wedding fair today with HTB, gorgeous event.

sitting in the main lobby waiting for the bridal fashion show to start

we started the event by viewing a collection of bridal gowns by Laichan. saw a gorgeous one that was my favourtie but they dont allow photography so no photos to post

we then proceeded to their ballroom for a 6 course lunch, quite sumptious
silly HTB in the way

the ballrom is their biggest events room in the hotel and can sit up til 250 people. it has a rich and opulent look but i felt it was a  litle enclosed

we went on a tour of the other rooms after the lunch

casaurina suites A and B
one of them is smaller and can only accomodate 80 people while the other can seat 120 people
though these are on the second floor of the hotel they also have the lovely french windows i adore from the east india room
my fav centerpiece, pretty! and isnt this cake all sweet and dainty

the lawn

nice wiith the marquee and all but a little impratical for singapore's weather. i'll melt!!

the suite!! very important ;)

full of rustic old world charm (not as big as i imagined it)

and finally my favourite room of all, the east india room!

it opens out into the palm garden where there's a lovely fountain, so before the event your guests can mingle and enjoy canapes by the fountain
i so want this room! problem is i'm having a tough time keeping my guest list down to 120 pax which is the max the east india room can accomodate
it seems like i can only look at the ballroom as the venue of choice but it seems so stuffy compared to the east india room :(

budget and venue!! all to be decided by 17 april!!
weiling i need u!

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