Monday, July 19, 2010

The One with Candy, candy, candy!!

I have a HUGE HUGE HUUUGE weakness for anything candy-striped. I just find them so pretty, sweet and dainty. If there's anything you wanna sell me just slap on the candy-stripes and I'm sold!

I was researching pink and green candies for my candy buffet table for the big day

remember this? beautiful table from Amy Atlas and my inspiration

when I came across this and I nearly died.

This is a table designed by Amy Moss. (Are all uber talented dessert tale designers called Amy?? haha)

soooo pretty!! I love the backdrop. I wonder how I can do something similar for mine without like having to move an actual plywood wall or something to my ballroom foyer. Maybe I can get a large piece of candy-striped fabric and get the hotel staff to hang it up for me on one wall and place the table in front of it. I'll worry about that later.

Here are the pink and green candy inspirations I found online:

All pictures taken from another stunning DIY blogger Torie Jayne

they look so yummy!

clearly it'll be hard to find sweets like these in singapore but we have a few yummy looking ones ourselves!
i'm planning to get maybe mini strawberry and green apple mentos or pink and green candy from Sticky; to put into clear envelopes for the boards, strawberry Kit-Kats re-wrapped with my own japanese inspired wrappers on white trays and glass containers filled with the sweets featured below.

following photos are taken by me ;)

sugar coated strawberry and green apple gummies

pretty pastel marshmellows

gummy filled pink and white marshmellows

these fake looking (haha) mushrooms are surprisingly yummy!

don't they look delicious??

i wish i had get started on getting the supplies for my table right away!!

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