Saturday, July 17, 2010

The One with the search for THE dress begins!!

The hunt for the perfect wedding gown begins!!

I'm still wondering if it's way too early, it is still one year to the big day but I can't wait!! So itching to do something right now hehe.

I have appointments with The Aisle and Di Gio Bridal on 31st July and I have my bestest, most trusted sisters with me to give me advice. That's half of my dream come true.

I had wanted to hold my bridal shower with my gown selection; ask the studio to set aside a private area for us, I'll cater for some high tea and maybe a little champagne, we'll have some sandwiches and tea and toast each other with champagne; gossip and girl talk while I hop in and out of the dressing room in my gowns. It'll be such a great afternoon but alas most studios here are either too small or too busy to accomodate such a request.

So I'll settle with half of my dream, have lunch with my darlings then troop over to the studios for some gown shopping.
Joyce, Julia, Weiling, Yingchao and Yanmei.
The people who have known me the longest and best, people who keep me grounded and guided.
So happy to have them with me for the fun-est part of the preparations!!

Oh yes, I must share these, my insiprations for the perfect dress!


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