Saturday, August 14, 2010

DIY Project: Small Light Tent for Photography

So happy with my little successful DIY project!!

I've been wanting to get a small light tent for taking photographs of the small items I'd bought. It beats seeing my ugly sofa, tablecloth or floor tiles in the background. I was thinking of going down to Funan Centre to get one but as I was researching shops that carry them, I found that they are sold on ebay too.

A light tent kit with 2 lamps costs $199!!! That's a little pricey for me.
So what's a poor artist gotta do?
Luckily for me, I found a post on someone's blog where they DIYed it themselves!  So I followed the instructions from this link and made my own light tent!!

Here's my materials:

1) Cardbox box. You can use any box you may have around your house or from your office. Size is according to your preference. Like for myself I prefer a slightly larger box in case the items I buy may be a little big. Found this box in my house ad it measures an average of about 29cmx25cm.
2) 2 large pieces of heavy paper. This can be found in Popular at the paper section. You'll need one black and one white. They only cost $1.70 each.
3) Tracing paper. Also found in Popular. Costs $1.50.
4) Black tape.
5) Other tools: pen knife, long ruler, marker and Blu-Tac. Easily found in many homes.

Firstly, you cut out holes in 3 sides of the box, leaving a 2 to 3cm border around the edge so that your box will not collaspe. If your box is made of a stiffer material then 2 cm will do.

I reinforced the border with black tape to make it more sturdy.

Next, you cut out 3 pieces of tracing paper slightly bigger than the holes you've cut out and tape them securely in place. Make sure it's tight. Like this:

Then you cut out a piece of black paper to line the back of your box like so:

Using the white paper, cut out a piece measuring only the width. You do not need to shorten the length to fit  the box. Secure the white paper to the back using Blu-Tac.

Tadah, the box is done!!

Now you'll need your lighting. If you have any desk lamps at home, they'll come in handy. But I did not have any so trusty Ikea comes to the rescue.

Only $14.90! Cheap cheap! I bought a pair.

Ready for shooting!

Easy to do right? And it only costs me about $37!! That's like a fraction of what it'll cost me to buy a professional one.

Now to see my test shots!

Heehee Wall E at work.


  1. I like yr DIY .... U are smart girl.
    u seem a junior professional from day one I read from yr FB when u got yr own camera

    Want see more of yr works :)

  2. thanks for the compliment shirley jie
    haha no la not junior professional...i was a film student in poly and photography is one of my passions. but i don have much budget so can only afford to buy normal consumer cameras and DIY equipment hehe



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