Monday, August 23, 2010

Great find!! iDiY - design goodies for 'i-Do'-it-Yourself weddings

I'm so excited!!
I found a great webbie with loads of free DIY templates and goodies, tips, tutorials and inspirations!!
What a goldmine!

It all came about when one of my besties posted a pic of an organiser cover I made a couple of years ago for Christmas pressies. I had bought inexpensive organisers from Popular bookstore and jazzed it up by scrapping the covers. Looking at the designs now, I find them so amateurish but she treasured it and cut it out from the organiser and kept it as a bookmark *so touched*

So I resolved to make them something better this year. Something useful and gorgeous and totally customised for each of them as a Christmas present. I was googling for ideas and chance across this site

'i Do' it Yourself

It's filled with truckloads of free templates and clip art and soooo many pretty things!!

Since I've been itching to get my hands deep into glue and paper and all things craft but it's still waay too early to get started on my DIY projects for my big day (i always hear a loud 'Siao ah!!' and eye-rolling big enough to move boulders when I say I wanna start buying supplies), so I thought a good project to keep me busy would be handmade invites to the 8 lovely ladies I wanna ask to be my jie meis. Most of them know that they'll be part of my entourage but I've always feel it would feel nice to be formally asked and if it's through a gorgeous handmade card, it'll be all the more memorable and sincere wouldn't it?

Just a little sampler of the goodies available on the site:

A gorgeous apple green striped stationery set featured on the website.

this is so dainty, lovely for a simple card

This is so exciting! There are so much stuff that I couldn't even begin to introduce them all. Anyone interested in a little DIY must visit the site!
I can't wait for the weekend to come again so that i can sit all at my lappie all day and DIY! 

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