Saturday, November 27, 2010

Big Craft Shopping Spree

Finally pay day is here haha!
Went on a shopping spree yesterday and bought a whole lot of pretty craft stuff. Probably spent a bit more than I'm supposed to but I just couldn't resist. Anyway they made me so happy so it's worth it.

Here are my loots:

Lovely mini paper suitcases from Paper favourite purchase for the day

Looking at these made me so happy, they are just too adorable for words! I wish I have my craft desk right now so I can display them there and just look at them while I craft.
I mean how perfect they would look on this desk below!!

Also from Paper Market, washi tapes! My fav is the merry-go-round one :)

Stamps and more washi tape from NBC

These lovely matryoshka doll stamps actually do not fit into the theme of my handmade gifts for this year but they are too adorable to pass up. Gonna use them for my next project!

Did I mention that I love Ikea?? Can't wait to wrap my presents! But the brown paper I bought isn't exactly kraft paper though, it's the normal brown parcel paper. And it's really cheap, only $1.50 for 8m. I can use it for the external wrapping of my parcels so that my gift wrap doesn't get ruined during delivery.

So happy with my purchases! Ok time to stop fawning over them and get back to work on my Christmas gifts! Can't wait to show you how they turn out!

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