Thursday, November 18, 2010


I really got to stop browsing and drooling through all these fabulous design/handmade/inspiration blogs online(will share links later!). I keep adding all these insanely easy to do and gorgeous crafts to my list!! All of them are just screaming out to me "Make me!" and I want to make them all!

Only 2 things will come out of this scenario:
1) my house will become overrun with craft supplies, half completed/on-going projects and my family will have no place to sit
2) my gifts to my dearies will have to be delivered by UPS or DHL cos they're too stuffed full of my handmade stuff thus either the package will be either too big or too heavy to be delivered by normal post. (I won't even start to imagine what it would cost to mail a 2kg package over to Nikky in Idaho!)

So clearly some reining in of this madness is in order.
This is my plan:
1) hold off any more buying of craft supplies
2) completely declutter and reorganize my scrapbooking cupboard and corner (it'll help me find out what materials I have so I don't buy extras and also have space for the new stuff)
3) make a list of what I want to do and stick to it!! (Christmas is just one month away!)
4) schedule time to do my crafts and make sure I complete them

And repeat this madness all over again for Valentine's Day (lol)

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