Monday, April 18, 2011

DIY Love: Secret Storage Books


That is always a problem for me.
I have tons of stuff. Magazines, scrapbooking materials, craft supplies and I swear they seem to grow in size on it's own. Like a little monster in my cupboards.

Storing things away neatly to reduce the unsightly clutter and also for easy usage just makes sense but it is not always an easy thing to do.

I'd hate to have big plastic crates all stacked up in the corner of my room because well it's just plain ugly. Therefore I am forever on the quest to find pretty yet practical storage solutions that doesn't bust my piggy bank.

Here's one great idea I found on Design*Sponge

Brenna's Secret Storage Books!
Just the name itself sounds fun. Like those books you used to see in the movies where people would use to hide money or treasure in. It also reminds me of the decorated boxes I gave my best gal pals for Christmas.

It looks really easy to make and you can easily label and store craft items in them. Or make it as a letter writing kit to give to friends. People don't write enough letters nowadays and it's always nice to get snail mail.

Check out how to make them here!

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