Sunday, April 10, 2011

Love: Pink Carnations and Green Pom Poms

Hi all!

A little lull again in my posting again. Work and hormones have never been a good combination for blogging. I hope to get out of my daydreaming cloud soon.

Oh! Did I mention that I picked our pink carnations and green pom poms for my wedding lunch decor? Getting to love that combination more and more! The hotel package offered the usual options: roses, gerberas and carnations. I picked carnations because I did not want the usual roses and I thought the ruffled look of carnations were quite vintage. I asked my florist to use soft pink ones and to complement it with green pom poms to fit into my wedding colours.

At first I was hesitant with my choice because carnations do give an impression of being quite mumsy. They are THE flowers for Mother's Day afterall. But when I started googling for images I found the soft and ruffled look of carnations so fitting with the vintage garden look I'm trying to create for the ballroom. And the green pom poms add an element of fun and cute to the arrangement.

try to ignore the large lily and the yellow roses in this arrangement, don't the pink carnations and green pom poms look lovely together??

I can't wait to see the results on my wedding day.

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