Sunday, December 9, 2012

Dream house: Second week progress

Bit by bit, tile by tile. It's so exciting to see your dream home come into fruition.
Another week has gone by for our renovations and the completion date gets even closer!
So far the electrician has started on his section, moving some of my electric and lighting points; smooth floor rendering has been done by HDB for our rooms; the lights and kitchen fixtures have also been delivered. The reno train is chugging along!

The Hubs and I putting together the bathroom mirror from Ikea.

Smooth floor rendering done!

Because we did not use any of the flooring offered by HDB and chose laminated flooring from our ID, we needed to have HDB come in to render the floors so that the laminated flooring can be installed. After the screeing of the cement, it needs to be left to dry for at least 7 days before the flooring can be installed. The dryness of the cement must be at least 6%.

ooo my dream dressing area...can't wait to see you soon!

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