Sunday, December 2, 2012

Dream house: First week progress

We are into the first week of our dream home's renovations!
It's so exciting to see our dream home slowly becoming into reality...loves.

Ok photos!

What has been done so far:

The tiled section of our flooring is done. The tiles are in the main area while the bedrooms will have laminated flooring.

The Hubs chose the glossy champagne coloured tiles as he felt they will help reflect light and make the living area brighter. It really does have that effect doesn't it?

Shower kerb for the master bedroom bathroom is done, waiting for the glass shower doors.

Base for the kitchen cabinets.

Piping for the stove connected.

Base for the fridge.

Base for the washing machine.

Kitchen works in progress.

Partition wall to fill in part of the indented area. This will allow the sofa to be placed flushed against the wall so there's no awkward gap behind it.

Up next will be electrical works, installation of the storage heater and bathroom accessories. I'm honestly very grateful to Francis our ID. Most interior designers just come up with the design and give you advice but one service that Ciseern provides is that your designer will also be your project manager. He coordinates all contacts for the different vendors who would be coming in to work on your renovation. When he accompanies us to purchase fixtures and furniture, we can also pass him all the invoice numbers so that he can arrange the delivery dates and installation. A lot less headache for me indeed! Honestly with work being so crazy lately, if i had to coordinate the different timings for the contractors to commence their work, I swear I would go bonkers!

Update next week!

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