Sunday, February 20, 2011

1st Gown selection!!

Wedding-y day yesterday!! Went  with HTB to eClarity to check out wedding bands and then with my two gals Alicia and Joyce to The Aisle for my first official gown selection.

We had a great time at eClarity, so much so that I need to dedicate a whole post to it. They are the best!!

I had invited all 8 of my sisters for the big gown event but most of them couldn't make it that day. Thankfully I still have Alicia and my little sis to help me decide and give opinions!!

The appointment's at 6.30pm and we stayed for about 2 hours, happily trying on gowns.

But enough talk...Pictures!!!

Me and darling Alicia

Me and my dearest little sis

Pretty gowns all in a row

A growing stack of gowns for me to try

All excited to get started!

Cam-whoring first!

Ivory satin and taffeta. Like the flower.

 A favourite with my 2 gals. This has flowers and feathers as embellishments.

 Sexy see through crystal-embellished back

 My absolute favourite!!! LOVE the dramatic long ribbon sash!!!! Soooo gorgeous!!

 Totally adore the front too!! Clean and simple. Nice lines and textures.
Definitely short-listed as one of the choices for my morning gown.

 I like this simple classy look too.

 Tried a short gown as a trial for my 2nd march-in gown. Suitable for mingling with friends and family. Eddie thinks this looks great on me and the white and black does make a very good contrast. Very elegant. But not in tune with my palette so I'll KIV this.

 Presenting a very strong contender for THE GOWN
A rosy pink corset with fluffy tulle/organza full ball-gown skirt. 

 It has a line of crystals along the hem of the bustline and it'll come with a couple of white flowers along the side of my hip and a white satin ribbon at the centre of the bustline. I can imagine it now, it'll look amazing. 

 Very princess-y and dreamy, no?

It was really fun and I can't wait to try out more gowns :).
My next appointment's 7 May and HTB has appointment for his suit fitting on 13 May.
Can't wait!!

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