Thursday, February 17, 2011

Gown Lust: White by Vera Wang

When I was younger, still a long way from marriageable age, everytime I hear of a bride gushing about her dream gown, it will always be a Vera Wang. At that time I couldn't understand what the fuss is about. Why dd every girl want a Vera Wang?? Seems like a sheep mentality and a name drop for those who don't really know designers.

It was only recently in the last year or so when I started my own research for my wedding gown that I was enlightened. I totally fell in love with her creations. Vera Wang really really knows what every little girl dream of. Her gowns seem to be crafted out of wispy clouds and makes every bride look like a floating angel. What I admire most is her finesse with ruffles and layers. Her styles incorporates tons of tissue like layers and yet they never add bulk. Instead the effect is one that gives texture and softness to anyone who wears them. No one does it better than her.

She uses materials and layers to celebrate a woman's shape and femininity instead of relying on embellishments and bling. Thus even the most sosphisicated and no fuss women will find it a pleasure to wear her gowns.

Fiona by Vera Wang, Spring 2011

Her recent Spring 2011 is stunning as usual and here's my favourite.

Freida by Vera Wang, Spring 2011

Sadly, normally a Vera Wang gown will remain just a dream for many of us as they cost up to $10, 000 or more. But Vera Wang, being the fairy godmother who knows little girls' secret dreams, recently launched a more mass market and most importantly more affordable line called "White by Vera Wang" exclusively for David's Bridal. This range only costs from USD$600 to USD$1400!! Totally affordable!

Now before you think that a cheaper range means simpler, less lovely designs, be assured that they are just as gorgeous!!

Style VW351010, White by Vera Wang

Style 351029, White by Vera Wang

Equally dreamy and at a fraction of the cost!!

Style 351011, White by Vera Wang
This is my favourite and it also happens to be one of the colours of my wedding palate! This would have been perfect as my morning dress.

Style 351007, White by Vera Wang

This is a close second, wouldn't mind this as my 1st march in dress too! ;)

Oh if only they have it here in Singapore, I'll die just to be able to try it on.

By the way, all images above are taken from The Knot Wedding Dress Look Book iPhone app which could be downloaded here.

I can't wait for my first gown fitting at The Aisle this Saturday! Think I'l start with selecting my morning gown first.

My criteria is simple:

Tulle, no train, no bling and probably blush pink.

Bella by Christos 


  1. I'm glad you like the Frieda wedding dress... I am getting married in it this year! I was lucky enough to win a competition in Brides Magazine so the dress is completely free... I'm VERY excited! :)

    1. Wow really?! Congrats!! Both on the wedding and THE dress!



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