Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Bridesmaid Invite Reveal!!

I am most excited to reveal the photos for my bridesmaids' invites! Actually I gave them out in Dec but only got round to posting the photos now ;p

Most brides in Singapore or perhaps even Asia have a brood of 'sisters' or 'Jie Mei-s (姐妹)to help out with the nitty-gritties of the actual day. Similarly the groom will also have a bunch of 'brothers' or 'Xiong Di-s' (兄弟)as support.

They are normally siblings or best friends and can go from 3 to even a dozen of them. They form an integral part of the celebrations and are a great help to any bride and groom, helping them from dressing up to handling guests at the reception.

Usually the bride and groom will ask their friends and siblings to be their 'sisters' and 'brothers' either by just asking, through SMSes or emails or even by just involving them in the wedding discussions.

My 'sisters' comprise of my very own sister, cousin and best galfriends from various stages of my life. They are my dearest gals and it means a lot to me to have them by my side on my biggest day, thus I thought I couldn't ask them any old way. Plus it's a good chance for me to try out some of the many DIY projects I've found on the wedding blogs I've been following!

Here we go!

I made them using the fabric envelope how-to and recipe card template at Wedding Chicks.

For the recipe cards, I used Halo Handletter font and edited the template using Photoscape. If only I had started using Photoshop earlier, then my bridesmaid invites would have followed the same theme as the wedding invites I'm now designing.

For the labels, I printed their names using Carbon Type font and cut them out. I punched out the sakura shape using a paper punch. I used ordinary pink envelopes bought from Popular and the fabric is my favourite candy stripe from Spotlight. I bought the bubblegum bakers twine from Made with Love at Plaza Singapura.

There you go! My recipe for a perfect wedding day, having my 8 lovely, gorgeous, adorable sisters by my side!

They were loads of fun to do and I loved the reactions I got out of giving them. They ranged from the usual "Oh so sweet and pretty" to an incredulous "Are you serious??" (which I wasn't sure whether it was because I did an actual invite or that I'm asking her as my bridesmaid haha) to my favourite "OMG YES! YES! YES!" One would think I had just proposed to her if they didn't know better LOL.

If you are also interested to do your own invites, there's a plethora of free editable templates by kind-hearted very talented people online. Places like Wedding Chicks, Martha Stewart Weddings and Project Wedding Blog are good places to start.

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