Sunday, March 13, 2011

Gambatte Nihonjin

Cherry blossoms or Sakuras are dainty little flowers most commonly associated with Japan. It is their national flower and can be found on many of their traditional items like clothing, housewares and even food.

This delicate flower usually blooms from January to late April depending on the location and heralds the arrival of spring. It is the perfect symbol for the Buddhist belief that life is transient and fragile. It is also a symbol of all things simple and pure, of new beginnings and of strength. It is also why I chose cherry blossoms as my wedding theme.

And it is this strength that is more prevalent now than ever. As Japan is wrecked by a devastating earthquake and tsunami, their indomitable spirit shines through. Wreckage after wreckage is shown all over the news; houses crushed, ships and vehicles washed away, entire cities ruined. And yet, you do not see images of panic or chaos. You just see their stoic calm. The earthquake may break them but they won't be defeated.


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