Monday, March 21, 2011

Blog Love : How to make an Inspiration Board from The Crafty DiY Bride

I chanced upon this great post on The Crafty DiY Bride today, which is dead useful for any bride to be.

How to make an Inspiration Board

Inspiration boards are an important tool when you need to visualise and plan the look for your wedding. You've probably started saving images from websites, bookmarking links or cutting pages from magazines. What you need next is an area to organise all your material. This helps you to see your ideas in a cohesive manner and it will also be helpful when you need to show your planners or gown designers.

I've always held off showing my inspiration boards here mainly because it is too tiring to do them in Photoshop or other design software. Thanks to Mel from The Crafty DiY Bride, now there's a selection of various websites and tools we can easily create boards with!!

I tried the one from Dessy and it's really handy!
Here's a sample board I did.

It's a little last minute so it's not very good ;p.
You can use your own images or their own library of resources.

What I love best is that it's tied up with PANTONE colour swatches so no more 'light, soft pink' but 'PANTONE Rose Water' and instead of trying to describe the green as 'mossy', it's 'PANTONE Pistachio'. No one will ever get your colours wrong again!

Only flaw is that I couldn't save it as an image and had to print screen in order to post it here.

There's also a ton of other resources like bridesmaid dresses and invites and men's accessories.

Check out Dessy now and not forgetting the other recommendations by Mel.

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